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Thats around 47 percent of the total figure a percentage in keeping with other sources of aid flowing to the county in the wake of the storm that brought severe beach erosion to the region along with heavy flooding in a number of county neighborhoods. See Also The Federal Emergency Management Agency along with the State Emergency Response Team released statewide numbers for various categories of relief on March 23. The news release, emailed to The Record by FEMA representative Kelly Godbey, said Florida has received more than $295 million in state and federal funds to aid in the Matthew recovery. The largest portion of that money was the NFIP claim settlements. Godbey said in a phone interview Thursday the St. Johns County figure was from December 2016 and was the most recent number provided by the Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration. The number is the total amount paid on 3,331 claims in the county and included advance payments, Godbey said. Other state numbers included in the release were the $76.6 million in low-interest, Small Business Administration loans the federal government uses as the primary source of money for the long-term rebuilding of disaster-damaged personal property, as well as $19.8 million paid directly to residents as part of FEMAs Individual Assistance, or IA, grant program. Of that money, St. Johns County has received about $32.2 million in SBA loans and around $7.5 million in IA grants. Those figures, coupled with money from the flood insurance claims means St.

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Student Lauren Hall in Oxford So not only has Hall been rejected for PIP, she is also unable to access any other benefits. This rule affects only disabled people in higher education most full-time students without disabilities cant claim benefits such as universal credit. Rundip Thind, education officer at Disability Rights UK, says benefits-related concerns made up almost half the inquiries to the disabled students helpline last year. The restrictions imposed by the government over recent years, constantly tightening the PIP criteria, have denied many disabled students access to vital support, says James Elliott, disabled students officer at the National Union of Students . This could mean many eventually dropping out of their education, as PIP gave them the support they needed to remain independent. In addition, he believes, recent attempts to block access to PIP for those with conditions such as severe anxiety, will mean tens of thousands more people will miss out, including many students. Lily Boulle, 25, a first-year human biology student at the University of East London, who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that affects joints, skin, internal organs and bones, says she was left All About Loss Assessors floundering after being rejected for PIP last September. When Boulle went to Citizens Advice for help she found she was locked out of the benefit system. Theres absolutely nothing you can get as a student unless you have PIP, she says. It doesnt make sense. Boulle has access to other support a standard student loan and a disabled student allowance but neither is designed to make up the shortfall of disability benefits. She has already used her DSA to fund a laptop and a specialist desk that she can sit at without damaging her hips, while the student loan covers only standard costs. Plus student loans are there to only cover you through the school year.

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