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The top five common breaches claimed, according to the study include: Financial statements (20 percent) Compliance with laws (15 percent) Discrepancies in a companys contracts (14 percent) Tax-related (14 percent) Intellectual property (8 percent) Also new to this years study, AIG delved more deeply into claims involving financial statements. The top reasons given for this type of claim include: Accounting rules statement breaches (26 percent) and misstatement of accounts receivable/payable (25 percent) are the two most common reasons; Undisclosed liabilities (19 percent), misstatement of inventory (17 percent) and overstatement of cash holdings or profit (13 percent) are also ranked as reasons for financial statement claims. You can pick up all sorts of complex issues that are not flagged during the diligence process, Ms. Duffy said. We help cover these unknowns. R&W TRENDS Buyers in a transaction purchase R&W insurance to help protect against financial loss arising from breaches of representations and warranties (whether innocent or otherwise) made by a seller during the deal process. Sellers also purchase the insurance to help protect against financial loss arising from buyers claiming such breaches. While the study found fewer policies are sold on the sell-side, these do result in a much higher frequency of claims, at 29 percent versus 18 percent on the buy-side. AIG has been writing M&A policies covering representation and warranties since the late 1990s. According to the study, the claims data between 2014 to 2015 cover a significantly larger pool of transactions than in prior periods, reflecting an increase in M&A activity and the growing acceptance and use of R&W policies as part of the deal process.

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